June 16, 2008

Remove sort icon on the header of AdvancedDataGrid

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Venom Ponders :

I am wondering how UI programming can have so many use cases which I never felt when I was working on Solaris long back . Nah! Too much indigestion .

The undo feature in ADG header for the sorting has been pretty sought after for a while now . As a matter of fact, undo feature in everything is a good practice. So I thought I will just build it voila here it is ! I have extended it from a previous renderer I built from scratch modelled on the AdvancedDataGrid cos it had a few things I would want to be assigned a protected modifier rather than a private modifier .

The approach :

Nothing much to write here . Put an image and spliced out the elements from the sort.fields of the grid instance based on the listData. Thats it and good to go . But yeah ! placement needs to be managed .

Take it!!

You can check out the app here

You can grab the source from here .

Screenshot :


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