April 3, 2008

Adobe RIA Architect Summit 2008 kicks off : Ushering in the artist

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Venom ponders : It is not always silence before storm. Sometimes there is heavy traffic .

9 AM . Bangalore. Busy day. People rushing in and around. Heavy traffic. It is Thursday and two days away from the glorious weekends we all wait impatiently wait for .

Typical Thursday, right ? Wrong..

The history of internet interactivity is being rewritten here at the Chancery Pavilion , Bangalore.

Ladies and gentlemen. Presenting the Adobe RIA Architect Summit ’08 , Bangalore.

The summit aims at bringing to light the next generation components and controls that define the layout of web and desktop applications of tomorrow, converging the design and creativity of a host of designer tools like the Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver,Fireworks etc. with optimized flex code thus bridging the designer-developer canyon, displaying mind blowing transition effects that zoom in and glide through the desktop and web, building business logic that don’t look drab anymore, architecting major applications using the highly recommended MVC architecture, changing the way you will look at video and images on the web .. ever., inviting the entire civilization of the interaction, innovation and animation of the web to your very own desktop ………. the list goes on .

Two words to sum it up : AIR and FLEX

What does it make you ? An artist

So spread the word around and become a part of what might go down into history .


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